The Lenhart Family

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Superwoman or Sabbath?!?!

It seems like over the last year or so I keep catch myself saying "things are finally gonna slow down when ....." only that "when" never seems to happen. Each new season seems to hold another challenge, another completely full calendar, and another worn out feeling day after day.

This week in the ladies bible study I'm leading, we looked at the worn out and weariness that most women find themselves in. Lots of things can contribute to our perpetual sense of exhaustion. Things like not say "no" so that we can say "yes" to what matters most, poor eating/ sleeping, unbalanced priorities, anxiety/ worry, grief, unconfessed sin, etc... Sometimes we are our own worst enemies with our "to do lists", multitasking, need to people please and high expectations of ourselves. I even find myself feeling guilty for taking a moment to rest with a good book or mindless TV.

"Jesus himself did nor heal every person who was sick or minister to everyone He saw. Jesus only did what His father told him to do. Jesus didn't do everything and I can't do everything even if I give it my best shot. Even our divine Jesus, when He poured Himself into the confines and restrictions of our humanity, needed rest. Human beings require rest."

This week I've examined my life and found that the current pace I'm living is unsustainable and unbiblical. Instead of adding more items to my unending "to do list" I need to add items to my "to don't list". I also need to be faithful on keeping a Sabbath day (every week, not just when I get around to it every few months.) today I accomplished absolutely nothing (other than rest and time with my family). Today I needed a break from the human RACE... Or for it to at least slow down enough for the pieces to fall into place. Today I realized that maybe the human race shouldn't be a race at all.

"On the Sabbath-
we are reminded that
we are not human doings,
but human beings."

Need some promises of strength and refreshment??? Spend some time reading Isaiah 40:28-31, Matthew 11:28, Hebrews 4:9-10, 1 Corinthians 11:1, Mark 6:31, Acts 3:19, Jeremiah 6:16. And then take a nap!