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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby Hope

My brother and his wife have a big decision in front of them. Their baby, Hope, has something called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. There are only two options... multiple surgeries that will "temporary" fix it (which will probably need to be done in Michigan) or let her become sick and wait for a heart transplant that would more "permanently" fix it. Right now they are going to try to find out her blood type so they are better make that decision based on her blood and the likelihood of an infant heart transplant. Please send lots of prayer their way as they try to make this difficult decision and especially that Sara can remain pregnant as long as possible so Hope can be as healthy as possible at birth (Sara has a history of premature births but Hope isn't due until first of March). They have an appointment with a fetal cardiologist on Tuesday. So we should know more about what is to come then.

We keep reminding ourselves that her name which was chosen weeks ago prior to this diagnosis... Hope is what we need to cling to.

"When the world is falling out from under me, I'll be found in Him, still standing!"

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